Who we are

Dutch lawyer in de UAE is the trade name of Holland Legal Services FZ-LLC. 

Holland Legal Services is a legal consultancy, based in the United Arab Emirates, Amenity Tower 2, Foor 4, office 2A.  

It was founded and is currently managed by Lady Hilda van der Tuin, Master of Laws, who has had a distinguished career in the Netherlands, before moving to the UAE. Obviously, she is on Linkedin and you can find her profile here: 


And yes, you will see on her Linkedin profile the very same tulips and blue sky?  

She specializes in Family law and Real Estate law.  

The easiest way to contact her is via : hilda@dutchlawyerindeuae.nl   Please note the .nl  at the end.  

You cannot ‘just have a quick chat via the phone’ but you can roster an appointment via: