What to do if you lost your Dutch diploma?

Question: #Hilda, my new employer in the UAE wants me to have my Dutch diploma’s legalized. But my ex keeps them at her attic and we’re not on speaking terms anymore, since she is pregnant with another man. So I’d rather not get in touch with her, if possible. Do you have a solution for this issue?

Answer: with your Digid you have access to the “diploma register”. You can log in via https://www.duo.nl/diplomaregister/

and via this website, you will be able to get a copy of your diploma that needs to be legalized. Very old diplomas are also kept by the DUO authorities, even the ones that are not digitalized, via the DUO “archiefafdeling”. Ask for the “mol”.

If your education hasn’t been recognized by the DUO authorities, you can get in touch with your former school or institute in the Netherlands. They are obliged by law to keep their records for fifty years, based on the “Archiefwet”.

When there has been a merger or a take-over, the new organization is obliged to keep your records. Via the DUO website, you have access to a database with all the mergers and acquisitions of schools in the Netherlands, so this enables you to find out the name of the school that keeps your records.

You can ask this legal successor of your school for a copy of your diploma.