What documents do you need to be able to draft my UAE Expat Will?


We need the following documents and data from you;

The Emirates ID’s of your family;

The visa of you and your spouse;

The passports of your family;

Your physical address in the UAE;

The list with your assets (you can remove the confidential information or information about the value)

The names, addresses, Passport copies, and EID’s of the temporary guardians of your children (if applicable). Usually, the temporary guardians are based in the UAE since they are the ones who take immediate care of a child in case something happens to the mother and father.

The names, addresses, Passport copies of the permanent guardians of your children (if applicable). If they have different last names than you and your wife have, it is easier for me if you explain to me how they are related to you.

The names, addresses, Passport copies of the second, third, and possibly fourth Executor (assuming you are the executor of your spouse and your spouse is yours). Their EID’s if they are based in the UAE.

List of your beneficiaries in case it’s anyone else than your spouse and children. (For example, you have a special watch, and you want your brother to inherit this from you).

The marriage contract in case you signed a contract when you married. If it is just a marriage certificate, and you and your wife didn’t sign prenuptials, I don’t need the document.

If you want to donate your organs after you passed away.

Funeral wishes. Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you want to be cremated in the UAE or in your home country? Do you want a special ceremony? Should it be a religious ceremony? Do you like certain music? Do you like to wear certain clothes? What should happen with your wedding ring? Etc.