What amount is decisive for determining the maintenance allowance?

Dear Lawyer, here is my question: 

my ex and I came to Dubai together a few years ago. Our oldest was still very small at the time, and the middle and the youngest were both born in Dubai. We had wonderful years there, until my husband felt more attracted to his colleague. We broke up a year ago, and I went back with the kids because he now thinks the kids are a burden too. Anyway, he does pay the maintenance properly. But now my question is what amount determines the child support that my husband has to pay. Is that the wages stated in his registered employment contract, or the wages that he actually receives every month in his account? And what if he plays in cahoots with his employer, and pretends he only has a very low salary? (And so he pays much less maintenance than he should pay based on his salary?)


Only if you can prove, by means of salary slips for example, that he will receive more salary per month than stated in the registered employment contract, can you prove that your ex-spouse has to pay more alimony. Another proof is an email message about a salary increase, a letter from HR, etc. There is no prescribed list of documents that can prove that his actual salary is higher. But if you cannot prove anything in writing, then you are very weak. Then you will e.g. credit card statements must show that he is spending a lot more than his salary should allow.

“Who states has to  prove” is also true in the UAE, and it means that if you believe he is lying about his pay, you will have to prove it. And he has to provide proof to the contrary if he thinks you are lying.