The Procedure for Divorce Registration in the UAE

The Procedure for Divorce Registration

The documents required are:

• Emirates ID (photocopy) of both parties • Passport copy

Divorce Registration

1. Go to the Dubai Courts Website ( lang=en). Hover over “Public Services” > “Application” then click “Case Registration”.

2. Click on “‘Family Conciliation” then on the next page click “Start the Service

3. For “Service Name” choose “Non-Muslims conjugal cases case filing” from the drop-down menu. Fill out the questions with the red asterisks (*).

– Answers must be written in Arabic.
– Check the box for “Is applicant a party?”
– If there is no amount to claim for, fill in “0” for “Amount
حالات زوجیة غیر مسلمین“ For subject, click on the red menu, then pick the first option – – Leave the rest blank and click “Proceed

4. If the page has switched to Arabic, you can click ‘English’ on the top right side of the page. For “Parties” fill out the all the questions with the red asterisks (*).

  • –  For the first question, write the Party name in Arabic as it appears on your Emirates ID.
  • –  The drop-down menus for “Emirate” and “Area” are in Arabic. The “Area” drop down may not have all the addresses in the UAE, so you can choose the closest available address.
  • –  For “ID Information” you can use your Emirates ID.
  • –  Make sure to click “Save” at the bottom of the page.
  • –  On the next page, “Opponents” fill out all the same information for the other party.

5. On the next page, “Attachments” upload all the relevant documents that have a red asterisk (*). Make sure to click “Upload” after you “Choose File” otherwise the file doesn’t save. You must upload a copy of your marriage contract, your passport copy, and a copy of ID for both parties.

6. You can then submit the application on the next page.