The Nigerian princes are becoming more and more inventive

Whether I could help Mr. and Mrs. obtain a probate (a certificate of inheritance) from DIFC courts.

They emailed this Will when I replied that I could indeed.

When I saw it, I realized that the Nigerian princes are becoming more and more inventive ?. But how do I know that this “Will” is fake?

How to spot a fake Will

The surname is missing. And the address, passport number, Emirates ID (but you can also make a will in the UAE without an EID), date of birth and place of birth.

The deceased speak not only on behalf of himself but also on behalf of God.
Someone is included in the will that only exists in the future. This in itself is possible, but it is quite unusual for prospective spouses to withdraw a will in this way.

The layout is completely different than prescribed by DIFC. As a Wills draftsmen, you don’t have the freedom to create a nice looking document yourself.

The “depositor” and “authorized justice” are nonexistent terms.

The Children’s AIDS Charity does not exist.

Still, I’m sure my former business partner Sh. M would have been fooled like he could be fooled with every scam trick, blinded completely by the huge amounts of money mentioned in the Will.

A balance should not be in a Will

The latter is also unusual by the way, I do not put balances in a Will, because then the Will has to be changed every day.

The wording is of course very entertaining, and a wax seal and some stamps have been used to give the document an authentic look.

Exactly the advice of the notary where I did an internship as a student a long time ago and where I had to free up money for his clients in Singapore: “put a lot of stamps the documents Hilda, they love stamps in those countries”.