New laws in the UAE relevant for Dutch couples wanting to get married?

If I, as a Dutch person, get married in the UAE, with a Dutch woman, then Dutch law applies?

Answer: First of all, the press releases are issued without informing the organizations concerned about this. So all officials are currently still assuming existing procedures and existing laws and regulations.

Then again, there is no new legislation at all, only an announcement of it in the media.

I have the impression that this means that, if the new legislation is in place, you can make a choice of law in your prenuptial agreement.

Both Dutch

If you are both Dutch, you can state in your prenuptial agreement in the UAE that Dutch law is the applicable matrimonial property law. This possibility is in line with existing international customs, international treaties and international legislation.

It will not automatically be the case that your nationality determines which law applies to your marriage.

After all; if the bride-to-be both have a different nationality, which is very common in the UAE, which right will take precedence? The right of the man or the right of the woman?

If one is a Muslim and the other a Christian, which right will take precedence? The right of the Muslim?

Would that mean that same sex marriage is suddenly allowed through the back door in the UAE? Since this is allowed under Dutch law.

And, it is difficult enough for the parties themselves to be aware of their own national matrimonial property law, but how should a judge be found who is familiar with it? Law studies in the Netherlands require four years of study at a university, and therefore a judge in the UAE with its more than two hundred nationalities should know all the ins and outs? He would have to have studied for 800 years, not missing one exam.

A more logical way forward

Making a choice of law, whereby you include in your prenuptial agreement that the law of your nationality applies, seems to me a more logical solution than what is stated in the current press releases.

Undoubtedly, those prenuptial agreements will cost some extra money.