How to prepare for a divorce in the United Arab Emirates

When your partner tells you he or she wants to get divorced, you’re going through an emotional rollercoaster. But you also want to protect everything you worked for so hard in the past, and divorce not only has emotional consequences but legal ones as well. If you have kids, the consequences are even bigger. Try to gather the following documents, or at least talk about these issues with your future ex.

First of all, we have to check the matrimonial regime or marital property system. We will ask you about the nationality of you and the spouse, in which country you were married, if you have a marriage contract, and where you started living at the moment you were married. 

Then we will ask you about the following documents; 

1. A list of the assets you already divided between the two of you (if applicable);
2. A list of the assets that still have to be divided (if applicable);
3. If applicable: a list of the gifts you gave to the spouse and that the spouse may keep (for example an expensive wedding ring);
4. Title deed (or other relevant documents) of properties;
5. List of debts (if applicable);
6. The arrangements for the children, the alimony, including the schoolcosts; 
7. If applicable: arrangements for pets;
8. If applicable: religious agreements regarding the children. 
9. If applicable: relationship with grandparents and other family members;
10. If applicable: hobbies and sports for the children.