Do the Dubai police and the Dutch police share criminal records?

Question: #Hilda, at the time when I was living in the Netherlands, I was a bit “naughty”, and I made some mistakes and I don’t have a clean record. My name can be found in the Holleeder files for example.
I’ve been based in the UAE now for many years, and I don’t use my Dutch name here.
I’ve matured since I live in the UAE, and I only had a couple of speeding tickets.
My issue is that I need a certificate of good conduct from the Dubai Police.
And now my question to you Hilda is if there is an automated data interchange between the UAE Police and the Dutch police that makes it impossible for me to get the certificate of good conduct because of the fact that I don’t have a clean record in the Netherlands.
Answer: The Dutch Police and the Dubai Police don’t automatically exchange data. Regarding the certificate of good conduct in the UAE; only your behaviour in the UAE counts.