About me


My name is Hilda van der Tuin, I’ve received my LL.M. at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands you can find my LinkedIn profile here and I’m using this site to publish as much information as I can for Dutch and Belgium citizens living in or having lived in the United Arab Emirates.

You can e-mail me:

hilda@dutchlawyerindeuae.nl   (be careful, it’s .nl at the end).

  • –  No, you can’t ‘just give me a call’. Of course, once we have a deal this changes, but I am in different time zones, sometimes editing in the middle of a 50 page contract and don’t want to spend your money on rather useless first line secretaries who write down your contact details that you could easily have sent me via e-mail.

I will respond within two days to your message. 


PS: you will also find articles here written by Paul. Paul specialises in visa-related and business-start questions.